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A Washington radio staple since 2008 on 1500AM Sundays at 11:00 a.m., Foodie and the Beast – starring Nycci and David Nellis, cohosts of the DC area’s one and only, food and wine variety show – has come to Full Service Radio as Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast. While the broadcast version of the show has brief segments featuring locally , nationally and globally renowned chefs, restaurateurs, mixologists, somms, distiller, brewmasters, pitmasters and much more, Foodie and the Beast: Industry Night instead will be a long-talk formatted show, with in-depth looks at trends and trendmakers across the landscape for edibles, potables, hospitality and more.

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    Is it Kosher?

    A lot of people hear the phrase, “kosher” and mkay assume that it implies some sort of special of strange approach to food. Actually, it’s a pretty mainstream thing, and tonight on Industry Night with Foodie and the beast, you’ll hear from experts about what kosher foods are, “why” they are, and how the concept of “kosher” fits neatly into today’s more food quality-aware dining scene.

    Joining us are Devora Kimelman-Block, Founder & CEO of KOL Foods meat; Emily Landsman, who handles marketing and operations for KOL Foods and KOL’s media relations specialist, Zoe Schaeffer, from the Rodale Institute, to discuss a range of topics, including:

    KOL’s and Rodale’s 411s Grass-fed meat, pastured poultry (turkey/heritage chicken). What do the terms mean? (Devora) How and why is grass-fed better for animals. What about grain? What makes grass-fed meat healthier for people? What makes meat kosher? Regenerative agriculture. A net-positive return on the environment. What is it? How does it work? Fair labor practices. Worker fairness and farmer crisis – Food certifications – organic, regenerative. What do they mean for small farms, big farms?
    Problems with labeling and usage of terms, little real regulation means some companies can skirt the truth. (“Natural” and “grass finished” for example.) Why do people think regenerative and organic systems are better for the planet? Does it really heal the earth? Can regenerative/organic scale up to save agriculture? Save the world?

    Join us!

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    Isn't it Sweet?

    Today on Industry Night, Nycci Nellis chats with world-renowned pastry chef and bakery shop owner, Tiffany MacIssac. While everyone loves a little something sweet to eat, running a bakery and wedding cake shop takes more than sugar, butter and flour.

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    Beer? Here!

    Craft beers have become as diverse – and as delicious – as wine. What started as folks making homebrews in the tib (OK, we’re exaggerating a little to make s point) has become big business, with major breweries buying up-and-coming breweries in order to stay competitive.

    That said, we thought we’d go back to craft brewing’s roots and take a deep dive into the subject with folks who came from and know the homebrewing scene cold. Joining us on Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast are:

    President Michael Stein and CEO Peter Jones OF Lost Lagers, the premier beverage research firm in D.C. Michael and Pewter help us experience history through beer, recreating extinct ales and lost lagers with some of the best breweries in the country and teaching homebrew classes at The Hill Center in Southeast DC. Michael has served his historic beers at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History’s Food History Program and serves as beer historian at DC Brau Brewing Company, LLC, the first production brewery in DC since 1956. Peter is a certified beer judge, and longtime homebrewer who also is Education Chair for the DC Homebrewers Club, Peter has taught a variety of topics and techniques for brewing novices through experts.

    Also joining in is Sara Bondioli, current president of the DC Homebrewers club and a co-founder of the club's women's brewing group, HOPS.

    The conversation is scintillating, as always, and the homebrews we taste are beyond good. Listen in!!!

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    C’mon Over to Julia Child’s Kitchen!

    This week on Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast, we’re taking you deep into one of the coolest, food-centric events ever: the 2018 Smithsonian Food History Weekend!

    Home to Julia Child’s kitchen, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History will host its fourth annual, Food History Weekend, November 1-3, 2018 —it’s a multifaceted festival consisting of four distinct events. Culinary leaders, researchers, practitioners, and scholars will inspire museum visitors to understand the history of food in America and the role we all play, individually and collectively, in shaping the future of food.

    Across three days, Smithsonian’s Food History Weekend will explore the history and changing dynamics of regional food cultures in the United States. How have regional foodways expressed their place? Who and what shape regional identities? How are new ideas about regions reviving, shaping, and reshaping food in America. Participants for the 2018 weekend include Aarón Sánchez, Jessica Harris, Edouardo Jordan, Sean Sherman, William Cronon, Janice Marshall and many more! Events and activities include cooking demonstrations, hands-on learning, dynamic conversations, and Smithsonian collections, a black-tie gala, dance performances and last, but hardly least … beer history!

    Join us and our guest from the Smithsonian, Paula Johnson, a curator responsible for the food technology and marine resources collections and is the project director and co-curator for the exhibition, “FOOD: Transforming the American Table, 1950-2000.” Theresa McCulla, a noted historian dedicated to the American Brewing History Initiative at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, and Ashley Rose Young, food historian at the National Museum of American History where she is the program developer and host of “Cooking Up History, ” a monthly cooking demonstration featuring a guest chef.

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    Italians & Jews at the Table

    It’s time to dine!

    Tonight on Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast, join us and our guest, celebrated chef and restaurateur Mike Friedman, of DC’s equally as celebrated Red Hen and All-Purpose restaurants.

    Yes, we talk about Mike’s background. Yes, we delve into the origins and nexus points of Italian and Jewish cuisine (and their true, geographical nexus point: New Jersey!), but we’re also tasting some of Mike’s finest dishes, and, well, for us, that’s almost as much fun as talking with Mike. Almost. OK, pretty close!

    Have a listen!

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    What a Friend We Have in Cheeses!

    There’s nothing that Foodie and the Beast love more than … cheese! That’s why you should join us and our guest today, ‘big cheese” Jill Erber, founder and CEO of Cheesetique, a Northern Virginia specialty cheese shop and restaurant. Much as is wine, cheese is “in,” with more varieties, taste profiles and sources domestically and globally than ever before.

    Founded in 2004, Cheesetique is a leader in driving accessibility to cheeses that are both rare and delish. Jill joins us today with tastes and talk of the wonderful world of cheese.

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    Arriba! Andale! It’s Time To Dine With Vic!

    This week on Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast, we have a true, Renaissance Man with us. Chef and restaurateur Victor Albisu is the man behind the Poca Madre and Taco Bamba concepts that have taken DC by storm. With more than a decade of experience in fine dining and upscale French, American and Latin American restaurants, our friend, Chef Vic, combines his culinary education with his Latin American heritage to bring a unique style of cuisine to his restaurant concepts.

    Named 2015 Chef of the Year by the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington (RAMW) and selected as a semifinalist for the James Beard Foundation’s Best Chef: Mid-Atlantic award in 2016, Vic is no newcomer to success. Albisu’s first restaurant, Del Campo, was an upscale South American grill in the Penn Quarter neighborhood of Washington, D.C. In 2013, it was named a Best New Restaurant by Esquire magazine. In 2014, Washingtonian magazine called Del Campo “Washington’s best steakhouse.” Before pursing independent ventures, Albisu served as celebrity chef Laurant Tourondel’s executive chef at BLT Steak in downtown D.C. While at the helm, Albisu cooked for President and Mrs. Obama and led the restaurant to earn several accolades, including RAMW's Power Spot of the Year in 2012.

    Outside the kitchen, Albisu is a member of the American Chef Corps, a network of chefs who serve as resources to the Department of State. In 2015, Albisu competed on Food Network’s Beat Bobby Flay and bested the host and grill master with his signature dish, steak & eggs. Albisu has appeared as a guest judge on Telemundo’s Top Chef Estrellas and the FOX TV series Hell’s Kitchen.

    Join us for a truly delicious conversation with one of DC’s – and America’s – great chefs: Victor Albisu.

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    From Fine Dining to Fast Casual: How Did THAT Happen?

    Our guests on Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast are Scott Drewno and Danny Lee, part of the chefs/owners team at Chi-KO, DC’s (and soon to be the West Coast’s) awesome, Asian-inspired, Chinese/Korean fast casual concept that has taken DC by storm. Previously the widely-heralded executive chef at Wolfgang Puck’s fine dining restaurant, The Source, here in DC, Scott Drewno gave up the “fine” to join with his good buddies Danny Lee, founder and exec chef of DC’s beloved Mandu Korean restaurants, and Chef Drew Kim, to create a walk-in spot in DC’s Barracks Row that puts the best part of fine dining - the yummy, unexpectedly complex tastes in a variety of dishes – into mostly “get it to go,” fast casual service.

    Danny and Scott join us to talk about Chi-Ko’s origins, its inner workings viz a viz a “regular restaurant, growing the concept to take on both coasts and about their newest concept, Anju.


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    A Third Star Is Born

    The 2019 Michelin Guide drops Monday, September 17th.

    Our guests today for a special edition of Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast were Michael Ellis, International Director of the Michelin Guide

    And Kyley McGeeney of Mission Michelin, who actually dined in all 110 restaurants honored in the 2017 Michelin Guide.

    And … we picked up a delicious scoop: Patrick O’Connell, famed chef/owner of The Inn at Little Washington, who is celebrating his and the Inn’s 40th anniversary this year, has something more to celebrate – The Inn at Little Washington’s third Michelin star! – putting it in VERY prestigious company, among the few restaurants in the US and around the world with that coveted third star, the highest honor bestowed by Michelin on the world’s great restaurants.

    Join us to hear all about it!

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    Debbie Moser and Mitch Berliner: Central Food Markets & MeatCrafters

    Our guests tonight are husband and wife team Mitch Berliner and Debra Moser, two entrepreneurs with big hearts.

    Mitch is a trailblazing food entrepreneur who introduced the East Coast to Haagen Dazs ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s, Dove Bars and more in the ‘70s. And Mitch and Debra are founders of what now are four, Central Farm Markets located in suburban Maryland and Virginia, outside of Washington, D.C. Debra and Mitch’s mission is to provide a professionally managed community venue, where customers can purchase high quality, locally grown fresh and prepared food, and to support agricultural innovation, green practices and sustainability. Each market supports its local community with activities, events, food donations and programming that help to educate, give back and fight hunger.

    But wait … there’s more. Mitch and Debra also are founders and owners of MeatCrafters, salamis, cured meats and sausages made for charcuterie lovers everywhere. MeatCrafters skinny salamis are especially popular (They’re low card, low calorie and high in taste!) and can be found, along with their other products, at stores like Whole Foods.

    Their story – and the many good deeds they do to help feed the area’s most needy – are a great listen! Join us!

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