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A Washington radio staple since 2008 on 1500AM Sundays at 11:00 a.m., Foodie and the Beast – starring Nycci and David Nellis, cohosts of the DC area’s one and only, food and wine variety show – has come to Full Service Radio as Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast. While the broadcast version of the show has brief segments featuring locally, nationally and globally renowned chefs, restaurateurs, mixologists, somms, distiller, brewmasters, pitmasters and much more, Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast will be a long-talk formatted show, with in-depth looks at trends and trendmakers across the landscape for edibles, potables, hospitality and more.

This show records and broadcasts LIVE on Full Service Radio from the lobby of the LINE DC in Adams Morgan, Washington DC.

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    Celebrating Capitol Pride

    May 18-19, 2019, DC celebrates Capital Trans Pride, drawing together members of the transgender and gender non-conforming community, allies, colleagues, family, and friends for a weekend of celebration, workshops, networking, and panel discussions on a variety of issues important to the Trans comm

    One such issue is the impact and legacy of the Stonewall riots, also called Stonewall uprising, were a series of violent confrontations, between police and gay rights activists outside the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in the Greenwich Village section of New York City. The riots began in the early hours of June 28, 1969 and, as they progressed, an international gay rights movement was born.

    Today on Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast, we remember and honor Stonewall and what those turbulent days started and produced with several guests involved with celebrating and marking the riots’ 50th anniversary, including:

    Sultan Shakir, executive director of SMYAL (Supporting and Mentoring Youth Advocates and Leaders), an organization supporting and empowering LGBTQ youth in the DC area Stephen Rutgers, director of sales and marketing for the Washington Blade, the nation’s oldest, LGBT newspaper, who is responsible for implementing the paper’s marketing, such as the Pride Pils can contest and Best of Gay DC Awards; graphic designer Brandon Skall, CEO & Co-Founder, DC Brau Brewing Co. - This is the 3rd year DC Brau & The Blade have partnered to design specially wrapped cans for Capitol Pride Graphic designer Maggie Dougherty, label designer for DC Brau’s 2019 Capitol Pride Pilsner Christy Wallover, the Newseum’s exhibit writer, in to discuss the museum’s commemorative, Stonewall exhibit.

    Join us for a fascinating, roundtable discussion.

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    Solid Gold

    The evening’s show has “winners” written all over it.

    Joining is are Spanish winemaker Ivan Lopez and legendary, DC restaurateurs, Todd Gray and Ellen Kassoff Gray. Ivan and his wife live in the shadow of the Pyrenees where they lovingly grow some of Spain’s most heralded grapes. Their Bodegas Claudalia wines are prized for their dedication to traditional winemaking and distinctive tastes and structures. And Ellen and Todd are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the opening of their signature, downtown DC restaurant, Equinox, that has led the way on tastes and food movements for these past, two decades. Equinox was among the first restaurants to focus on sourcing only sustainable foods and humanely raised animals. Today, the focus is on their newest program, “Not Wasted” – that is, not wasting any aspect of foods, including using technology from Cuisine Solutions (the world leader in sous vide techniques) to ensure that the excellent nutrition and tastes to be derived from vegetable cuttings (e.g., carrot stems, mushroom stems etc.) that in past have just been thrown away, have viable and delicious uses. Think of it as “snout to tail” for veggies!

    Join us for two fascinating discussions!

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    There’s a first time for everything … and this is it!

    The last time you looked in the mirror or stood on a scale, did you recoil with horror? Fact is, people tend to gain (a lot of) weight over the winter months. Then spring rolls in, pool openings loom on the horizon, and commitments to dieting and living a healthier lifestyle start rolling off our tongues. But what diet will it work, keep the weight off and leave you looking and feeling better?

    The answer for you may be EMP 180, as it is for Industry Night host, David Nellis. Join him and his wife and EMP 180’s founders, nutritionists and other clients with real world weight loss and health benefits stories. Learn about the program, how it works, what you eat, health benefits and how it can change your food relationships for the better.

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    Tea, Anyone?

    Our guest this week on Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast is Christian Eck, Assistant Food and Beverage Manager and Tea Specialist at Michelin-starred, Blue Duck tavern in Westend DC’s glorious, Park Hyatt Hotel.

    As well as being Blue Duck Tavern’s tea specialist, Christian is a Certified Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers, so he is able to offer pithy parallels between the farming and production of wines and teas. Even better, he delivers incredible knowledge into the origins and history of tea varieties (Remember that all tea comes from the same plant and leaf – production techniques are what deliver such a range of tea types) and had tons to offer about the tastes and health benefits of the more than 30 varieties he serves at Blue Duck’s unique Tea Cellar, a one-of-a-kind, tea-centric experience here in DC.

    Join us for a spot of tea, won’t you?

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    “When you say “Napa Valley,” I say “Wine!”

    Let’s play word association. We say, “Napa Valley” and you say, “Wine!” Of course! What else would you say to America’s top, vinicultural brand. With all due respect to Virginia, Oregon and every other, wine producing state in the union, California’s Napa Valley is it, when it comes to producing America’s finest wines and for marketing America’s most powerful, regional wine brand. The Napa Valley Vintners is nonprofit trade association has been cultivating excellence since 1944 by inspiring its more than 525 members to consistently produce wines of the highest quality, to provide environmental leadership and to care for the extraordinary place they call home.

    So, representatives of the Napa Valley Vintners Association were in DC , and we snared several for a deep dive into the association’s mission history, but also into the history and world of Napa Valley wine growing and, of course, some Napa Valley wines tastings! Joining us were Rex Stults, Senior Director of Industry Relations for the Napa Valley Vintners; Dawnine Dyer, Partner, Dyer Vineyard, a real-deal, longtime Napa Valley winemaker who spent 25 years as Winemaker at Domaine Chandon and a partner in the award-winning, Meteor Vineyard and Emma Swain, CEO at St. Supery Estate Vineyards & Winery: Emma Swain, CSW and CEO of St. Supéry Estate Vineyards and Winery who also serves as the Board Chair for the Wine Market Council and is a board member of the Napa Valley Vintners.

    If you’re serious about wine – or even if you not – this is a roundtable discussion not to be missed!


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    The Go-Getters!

    Today’s Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast should be titled, “The Go-Getters!”

    First, meet AJ Dronkers, a certifiable, DC “man about town.’ As associate publisher and digital editor of EdibleDC Magazine, he’s full of inside knowledge about the local food scene, especially when it comes to the regional bounty and diversity of foods to eb found at our many, local, farmers’ markets. But, he’s also an accomplished exercise devotee(make that, “maniac”) and night owl who’s got lots to tell about the single life in DC. You’ll want to hear what he has to say.

    We also are joined by Sadie Kurzban, If the name doesn’t immediately ring a bell, the name of her booming business – 305 Fitness – surely will. At 29, Sadie already stands atop a booming, new wave of studios in DC, New York and Boston (and more on the way), featuring non-stop, dance-cardio workouts with live DJs and rhythmic light show. You dance, you sweat like crazy, you get fit and you have a blast at every workout. Sadie’s a ball of fire and a ball of energy, and you’re def going to want to hear how this savvy, Brown grad and entrepreneur got it going.

    Join us!

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    Carla Hall's Soul Food On Industry Night

    How did Carla Hall wind up interviewing Michelle Obama in Cleveland on March 16? Intentions. Carla Hall, best known from her days on Top Chef and Top Chef All-Stars, and more recently, as the former co-host of The Chew, has never had a plan. But she has always had intentions. Today on Industry Night, Nycci Nellis and Carla Hall talk about how Carla's intentions have taken her from being an accountant to a modeling career, from being the sandwich lady to now being an accomplished television personality and cookbook author. Carla's latest book, "Carla Hall's Soul Food: Everyday and Celebration" is a rich offering of dishes and recipes that have roots in history and heritage and it’s delicious.

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    Food for Kids, Food for Adults, Food for Thought

    This edition of Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast, we’re speaking with two, exceptional authorities in their own right.

    First, Kiko Bourne hosts Lunch Agenda, a food systems education podcast right here on She’s also the Cooking & Gardening Teacher for kids at Mundo Verde, DC’s first “green” public charter school, and we’ll chat with her about her good works teaching kids about … good foods! Previously, she was head of marketing for the Capital Area Food Bank and marketing director for San Francisco’s Bi-Rite Market.

    Justin Severino is a four-time, James Beard Foundation award nominee for Best Chef Mid-Atlantic and a 2015 and 2014 winner of FOOD & WINE’s “The People’s Best New Chef Mid-Atlantic” and chef/co-owner of Cure, a neighborhood restaurant in Pittsburgh dedicated to local sourcing and seasonal cooking with an urban-Mediterranean influence, and nearby Morcilla, an award-winning Spanish restaurant serving pintxos and family-style dishes. His new spot, The Larder at Larimer, a collaboration with Scott Smith at East End Brewing Company, will open in early 2019.

    Severino is a great interview. He’s a skilled, whole animal butcher who brings an extensive charcuterie program and flavors of an Italian-American upbringing to his menu. In 2012, Cure was named one of the “Top 50 Best New Restaurants” by Bon Appétit magazine, so you know he’s quite a chef! Since opening, Morcilla has been chosen by Pittsburgh Magazine as the “2016 Best New Restaurant”. Bon Appétit ranked it Number Four in the country in the annual, “Best New Restaurants” issue, and it was nominated for a 2016 James Beard Foundation award in the “Best New Restaurants” category.

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    The Make Up of Makeup and Why It Matters

    Title: The Make Up of Makeup and Why It Matters.

    Tonight, we tackle subjects of consuming interest: The cosmetics industry and the products it manufactures. What’s in what they tell us? How do cosmetics products work? Aer the ingredients good for – or harmful to - our skin?

    Most people don’t think about their skin as one of their body’s essential organs, but it is. And men and women alike use all sorts of product and slather all sorts of “stuff” on their Faces and bodies to look and feel better.

    What’s in all that stuff, why and what does it really do?

    In with us today are Melanie Benesch a legislative attorney with the Environmental Working Group (EWG), an activist group specializing in research and advocacy in the areas of agricultural subsidies, toxic chemicals, drinking water pollutants and corporate accountability. With her is Carla Burns, and EWG research analyst with a focus on cosmetics and personal care products.

    Join us!

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    Now THAT’S Entertainment!

    When a venue has been in place and entertaining guests for more than two centuries, you know they must be doing something more than right!

    A case in point: DC’s Tudor Place, originally founded by Thomas and Martha Peter. Ardent Federalists, they hosted politicians of that persuasion at Tudor Place in the early 19th century (They were so patriotic, they named their daughters Columbia, America, and Britannia). At Tudor Place, one was likely to come across tipsy congressmen getting intoxicated on apple toddy served from a Mount Vernon punch bowl; BBQ, early 19th Century-style (Tudor Place has one of the earliest extant smokehouses remaining in the District (1795); vintage Madeira (Tudor House has on display several bottles of historic alcohol in the Tudor Place collection including bottles of Madeira wine from the 1840s; early 19th Century, “Farm to Table” practices and … much more!

    Joining us on the show is Grant Quertermous, curator at Tudor Place Historic House & Garden and former assistant curator of collections at James Madison's Montpelier. Grant offers an instructive look back at 19th Century hospitality, Peters Family-style, and also clues us and you into how you can visit Tudor Place and attend their Landmark lecture series, other members-only Events, Tudor Nights and Behind the Scene Tours and other family events.


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    You Were What You Ate!

    Tonight on Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast, we’re jumping into the Industry Night time machine with anthropologist/archeologist Dr. Bill Schindler to look at how and what (very) ancient man and woman ate and how we should seek to replicate that diet today. Dr. Schindler is, first and foremost, a very cool guy who also happens to be director of the Eastern Shore Food Lab, an Associate Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology at Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland and the co-star of the National Geographic series, The Great Human Race.

    Schindler’s basic thesis is that our bodies are pretty much the same as they were when humans first walked upright and that we’re designed to operate no differently than our ancestors did, when it comes to utilizing prehistoric and traditional technologies (tools), especially as they relate to food acquisition, processing, storage, and consumption. He believes that the better understanding of prehistoric life made possible through the archaeological record and a practical understanding of the technologies that created it can contextualize our place in the world and help provide answers to many of the issues facing us today, especially when it comes to our diet.

    He’s a huge, proactive advocate of traditional foodways and constantly seeks new ways to incorporate lessons learned from his research into the diets of modern humans. His outlook on food has revolutionized the way in which he and his family eat and he attributes much of the health his wife and three children enjoy to the nutrient dense hunted, gathered, and fermented foods that comprise a significant portion of their diets.

    This was a truly mind-blowing interview – join us to get your own mind blown and some good advice for how to start eating like a human again!

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    Whiskey? Whisky? However you spell it, it‘s all good!

    Tonight on Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast, we’re joined by Scott and Becky Harris, founders of Catoctin Creek® Distilling.

    We first met Scott and Becky in 2009, when our broadcast, food and wine variety show, Foodie and the Beast, only recently had launched and when Scott and Becky we just brewing their first batches of rye. Now 10 years later, Catoctin Creek, the first legal distillery in Loudoun County, VA since before Prohibition, produces Virginia's most awarded whisky, Roundstone Rye, and Scott and Becky are on the show to talk about the trials, tribulations and soaring success they’ve experienced.

    Extra-interesting point: Becky Harris is the distillery’s chief distiller – not too many women play with that title in what is traditionally a boys’ sandbox. So listen in to hear what it took for this chemist-turned-distiller to create Virginia’s most successful rye whisky.

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    Virginia Wine: From Obscurity To National Prominence

    Across the past four decades or so, Virginia wines have gone from obscurity (Wine? Virginia? No way!) to national prominence. The Commonwealth is now tied with Texas (Texas? Wine? Really?!) as the nation’s fifth largest wine producers.

    Among Virginia’s most prominent wine producers is Tarara, located in Loudoun County. For 30 years this year, Tarara has produced exceptional wines from its own grapes and those of neighboring vineyards. And for the past 12 years, Tarara’s award-winning winemaker has been Canadian Jordan Harris (Canadian? Yup! They make wine there, too!).

    Jordan is in with us on Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast with tastes and talk of his path from “What am I gonna do with my life?” high school kid to celebrated winemaker; Tarara’s exceptional varietals, and if how, as winemaker, he and his farm are responding to and learning to work around climate change that, for example, brought record-setting amounts of rain to Northern Virginia last year.

    It’s a fascinating and (for us!) tasty show. Join us!

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    DC’s Lebanese Taverna – umm, umm, good!

    It’s a family affair!

    Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast host Gladys Abi-Najm, Grace Abi-Najm Shea and their brother, Dany for a deep dive into the story and the glory of DC’s fabulous, Lebanese Taverna. Launched by their dad and his kids, it started as a one-stop, suburban pizza and sub shop in the ‘70s and has grown into an 11-restaurant chain stretching across DC, Maryland and Virginia with more coming. And, on the way to today’s success, Lebanese Taverna brought Mediterranean cuisine center stage in the DC area and helped make “hummus,” “kibbeh” and “labneh” household words and refrigerator “must haves.”

    Join us for a deep dive into the Lebanese Taverna success story and to live vicariously as we taste some truly awesome, Lebanese wines!

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    Guinness, Anyone?

    Ryan Wagner, Guinness Brewery Ambassador, and Hollie Stephenson, Head Brewer join the show to talk all things Guinness.

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    The National Museum of Women in the Arts

    The National Museum of Women in the Arts is the only major museum in the world solely dedicated to exhibiting the work of women artists. Our guest today is GINNY TREANOR, the museum’s Associate Curator, who in addition to taking us through all that the museum does to promote awareness of and interest in women in the arts, will offer an insiders’ preview of the museum’s upcoming spotlight on the celebrated American luxury fashion house, Rodarte, founded by sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy. The Rodarte exhibit, the first fashion exhibition ever organized by the National Museum of Women in the Arts, is now on display thru February 10, 2019 and showcases the designers’ visionary concepts, impeccable craftsmanship and profound impact on the fashion industry.

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    Georgia on My Mind: A Taste of World-Class, Georgian Wines

    In this episode of we’re giving you a great, vicarious taste of Georgian wines (Georgia the country, not the state!) While many Americans may be unfamiliar with the nation of Georgia, which emerged from behind the Iron Curtain after the breakup of the Soviet Union, most wines experts agree that winemaking was invented there some 8,000 years ago. To this day, an impressive diversity of Georgian wines continue to thrill palates everywhere.

    Noel Brockett, a lover of all things Georgian and the man in charge at Georgian Wine House, a Maryland-based import company founded by Georgian wine enthusiasts in 2005, joins us with tastes and talk of Georgian wine culture, its over 500 indigenous grape varieties and both its ancient qvevri (pronounced, “k-vevri”) skin-contact and modern wine-making techniques.

    Join us!

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    Sustainable Eating: Eliminating Animals From Our Plates

    On this episode of Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast, we’re talking plant-based dining that tastes good, is good for you AND is great for the planet!

    Our guest is Ran Nussbacher, cofounder of Shouk: Voted Washington D.C.'s Best Fast Casual Restaurant, Shouk’s healthy, Israeli-inspired fare has a huge following, because Shouk’s food is not just flavorful, it’s also world-changing. Convinced that eliminating animals from our plates is the only sustainable way forward, Ran and his team have set out to change our eating habits, one pita at a time. Having been inspired by the markets and lively food of his native Israel, Ran and Shouk are getting us to eat our veggies, and love it.

    Tune in to find out how Ran and Shouk plan to change how we eat, by making plant-based food that people crave!

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    Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Cocktails … And More: A Chat With Phil Greene

    Tonight, cocktail historian, author and all-around spirits aficionado, Phil Greene, joins us on Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast to talk his favorite subject and one of ours: Cocktails.

    Phil is an attorney, writer and cocktail historian and a founder of the Museum of the American Cocktail in New Orleans who manages the Museum’s D.C. cocktail seminar program. He has presented at events such as Tales of the Cocktail (since 2004), the Manhattan Cocktail Classic, San Antonio Cocktail Conference, Arizona Cocktail Week, Miami Rum Renaissance, the International Rum Festival, and many others. He has also presented multiple times for Smithsonian Associates in Washington, D.C., and has done events for the Washington Shakespeare Theatre, the Hemingway Society, the International F. Scott Fitzgerald Society, the University of Louisville Cocktail Conference, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC, and many other notable institutions.

    In particular, Phil is an authority on the life and favorite drinks of Ernest Hemingway, and has presented on this topic before the Smithsonian and Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., at the Hemingway Home in Key West, in New Orleans, and elsewhere around the world. His book, To Have and Have Another – A Hemingway Cocktail Companion, (Penguin Press, 2012, 2d Ed. 2015), has received critical acclaim from The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post (twice, in 2012 and again in 2015), Chicago Tribune, Food & Wine, Wine Enthusiast, Garden & Gun, Kirkus Reviews,, and many others, and remains a best seller in several categories.

    Phil’s second book, The Manhattan: The Story of the First Modern Cocktail (with recipes) was published in 2016, by Sterling Epicure. Phil is also a contributing author for the Oxford Companion to Spirits and Cocktails to be published in 2019, and is a contributing columnist for The Daily Beast.

    JUST PUBLISHED – His newest book, A Drinkable Feast: A Cocktail Companion to 1920s Paris, is a look at the amazing era of Paris during that amazing decade, through the lens of the cocktails that were enjoyed by the writers, painters, poets, dancers, musicians, and other artists who flocked to Paris during the 1920s. 50+ authentic and easy to make recipes, anecdotes, excerpts, vintage ads and photos

    It's a great listen – plus, we’re drinking a lot of cocktails, so you can enjoy them , too, albeit vicariously!Paris during the 1920s. 50+ authentic and easy to make recipes, anecdotes, excerpts, vintage ads and photos

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    The Best Wines You (Probably) Never Heard Of!

    French wines? Sure, everyone knows about them! Same with the wines from Italy, California, Spain, and now Chile, Argentina, New Zealand and Australia.

    But Bulgaria?

    You bet. In fact, it is arguably true that winemaking was invented in what now is Bulgaria 6000 years ago. And today, some of the world’s finest – and best priced – reds, whites and rosés come from Bulgaria’s Thracian Valley. To learn more about that, our guest, G&B Wine Importers’ CEO Robert Hayk, will get you as close as you can get to a wine tasting on the radio. He’ll also offer fascinating primer on the terroir that produces these unique wines, their varied taste profiles, how they are produced and about where to find them at truly amazing prices in restaurants and wine stores across Greater DC.

    It all happens right here, on Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast!

    Наздраве! (Cheers! in Bulgarian)

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    No Kid Hungry!

    America is the richest nation on the face of the earth; in fact, the richest nation in the history of the earth!

    Yet, every night, millions of kids go to bed hungry. Debbie Shore, co-founder of Share Our Strength, leads an organization that has raised millions to feed millions across the past several decades. She hasn’t done it alone. Among those helping her are some of the nation’s top chefs, who give of their time, talents and resources to help fight child hunger in America.

    Debbie Shore joins us tonight on Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast, along with Top Chef alum and award-winning chef, Bryan Voltaggio of Volt and Family Meal.

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    Is it Kosher?

    A lot of people hear the phrase, “kosher” and mkay assume that it implies some sort of special of strange approach to food. Actually, it’s a pretty mainstream thing, and tonight on Industry Night with Foodie and the beast, you’ll hear from experts about what kosher foods are, “why” they are, and how the concept of “kosher” fits neatly into today’s more food quality-aware dining scene.

    Joining us are Devora Kimelman-Block, Founder & CEO of KOL Foods meat; Emily Landsman, who handles marketing and operations for KOL Foods and KOL’s media relations specialist, Zoe Schaeffer, from the Rodale Institute, to discuss a range of topics, including:

    KOL’s and Rodale’s 411s Grass-fed meat, pastured poultry (turkey/heritage chicken). What do the terms mean? (Devora) How and why is grass-fed better for animals. What about grain? What makes grass-fed meat healthier for people? What makes meat kosher? Regenerative agriculture. A net-positive return on the environment. What is it? How does it work? Fair labor practices. Worker fairness and farmer crisis – Food certifications – organic, regenerative. What do they mean for small farms, big farms?
    Problems with labeling and usage of terms, little real regulation means some companies can skirt the truth. (“Natural” and “grass finished” for example.) Why do people think regenerative and organic systems are better for the planet? Does it really heal the earth? Can regenerative/organic scale up to save agriculture? Save the world?

    Join us!

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    Isn't it Sweet?

    Today on Industry Night, Nycci Nellis chats with world-renowned pastry chef and bakery shop owner, Tiffany MacIssac. While everyone loves a little something sweet to eat, running a bakery and wedding cake shop takes more than sugar, butter and flour.

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    Beer? Here!

    Craft beers have become as diverse – and as delicious – as wine. What started as folks making homebrews in the tib (OK, we’re exaggerating a little to make s point) has become big business, with major breweries buying up-and-coming breweries in order to stay competitive.

    That said, we thought we’d go back to craft brewing’s roots and take a deep dive into the subject with folks who came from and know the homebrewing scene cold. Joining us on Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast are:

    President Michael Stein and CEO Peter Jones OF Lost Lagers, the premier beverage research firm in D.C. Michael and Pewter help us experience history through beer, recreating extinct ales and lost lagers with some of the best breweries in the country and teaching homebrew classes at The Hill Center in Southeast DC. Michael has served his historic beers at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History’s Food History Program and serves as beer historian at DC Brau Brewing Company, LLC, the first production brewery in DC since 1956. Peter is a certified beer judge, and longtime homebrewer who also is Education Chair for the DC Homebrewers Club, Peter has taught a variety of topics and techniques for brewing novices through experts.

    Also joining in is Sara Bondioli, current president of the DC Homebrewers club and a co-founder of the club's women's brewing group, HOPS.

    The conversation is scintillating, as always, and the homebrews we taste are beyond good. Listen in!!!

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    C’mon Over to Julia Child’s Kitchen!

    This week on Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast, we’re taking you deep into one of the coolest, food-centric events ever: the 2018 Smithsonian Food History Weekend!

    Home to Julia Child’s kitchen, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History will host its fourth annual, Food History Weekend, November 1-3, 2018 —it’s a multifaceted festival consisting of four distinct events. Culinary leaders, researchers, practitioners, and scholars will inspire museum visitors to understand the history of food in America and the role we all play, individually and collectively, in shaping the future of food.

    Across three days, Smithsonian’s Food History Weekend will explore the history and changing dynamics of regional food cultures in the United States. How have regional foodways expressed their place? Who and what shape regional identities? How are new ideas about regions reviving, shaping, and reshaping food in America. Participants for the 2018 weekend include Aarón Sánchez, Jessica Harris, Edouardo Jordan, Sean Sherman, William Cronon, Janice Marshall and many more! Events and activities include cooking demonstrations, hands-on learning, dynamic conversations, and Smithsonian collections, a black-tie gala, dance performances and last, but hardly least … beer history!

    Join us and our guest from the Smithsonian, Paula Johnson, a curator responsible for the food technology and marine resources collections and is the project director and co-curator for the exhibition, “FOOD: Transforming the American Table, 1950-2000.” Theresa McCulla, a noted historian dedicated to the American Brewing History Initiative at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, and Ashley Rose Young, food historian at the National Museum of American History where she is the program developer and host of “Cooking Up History, ” a monthly cooking demonstration featuring a guest chef.

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    Italians & Jews at the Table

    It’s time to dine!

    Tonight on Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast, join us and our guest, celebrated chef and restaurateur Mike Friedman, of DC’s equally as celebrated Red Hen and All-Purpose restaurants.

    Yes, we talk about Mike’s background. Yes, we delve into the origins and nexus points of Italian and Jewish cuisine (and their true, geographical nexus point: New Jersey!), but we’re also tasting some of Mike’s finest dishes, and, well, for us, that’s almost as much fun as talking with Mike. Almost. OK, pretty close!

    Have a listen!

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    What a Friend We Have in Cheeses!

    There’s nothing that Foodie and the Beast love more than … cheese! That’s why you should join us and our guest today, ‘big cheese” Jill Erber, founder and CEO of Cheesetique, a Northern Virginia specialty cheese shop and restaurant. Much as is wine, cheese is “in,” with more varieties, taste profiles and sources domestically and globally than ever before.

    Founded in 2004, Cheesetique is a leader in driving accessibility to cheeses that are both rare and delish. Jill joins us today with tastes and talk of the wonderful world of cheese.

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    Arriba! Andale! It’s Time To Dine With Vic!

    This week on Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast, we have a true, Renaissance Man with us. Chef and restaurateur Victor Albisu is the man behind the Poca Madre and Taco Bamba concepts that have taken DC by storm. With more than a decade of experience in fine dining and upscale French, American and Latin American restaurants, our friend, Chef Vic, combines his culinary education with his Latin American heritage to bring a unique style of cuisine to his restaurant concepts.

    Named 2015 Chef of the Year by the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington (RAMW) and selected as a semifinalist for the James Beard Foundation’s Best Chef: Mid-Atlantic award in 2016, Vic is no newcomer to success. Albisu’s first restaurant, Del Campo, was an upscale South American grill in the Penn Quarter neighborhood of Washington, D.C. In 2013, it was named a Best New Restaurant by Esquire magazine. In 2014, Washingtonian magazine called Del Campo “Washington’s best steakhouse.” Before pursing independent ventures, Albisu served as celebrity chef Laurant Tourondel’s executive chef at BLT Steak in downtown D.C. While at the helm, Albisu cooked for President and Mrs. Obama and led the restaurant to earn several accolades, including RAMW's Power Spot of the Year in 2012.

    Outside the kitchen, Albisu is a member of the American Chef Corps, a network of chefs who serve as resources to the Department of State. In 2015, Albisu competed on Food Network’s Beat Bobby Flay and bested the host and grill master with his signature dish, steak & eggs. Albisu has appeared as a guest judge on Telemundo’s Top Chef Estrellas and the FOX TV series Hell’s Kitchen.

    Join us for a truly delicious conversation with one of DC’s – and America’s – great chefs: Victor Albisu.

  29. Thumb 1537222339 artwork

    From Fine Dining to Fast Casual: How Did THAT Happen?

    Our guests on Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast are Scott Drewno and Danny Lee, part of the chefs/owners team at Chi-KO, DC’s (and soon to be the West Coast’s) awesome, Asian-inspired, Chinese/Korean fast casual concept that has taken DC by storm. Previously the widely-heralded executive chef at Wolfgang Puck’s fine dining restaurant, The Source, here in DC, Scott Drewno gave up the “fine” to join with his good buddies Danny Lee, founder and exec chef of DC’s beloved Mandu Korean restaurants, and Chef Drew Kim, to create a walk-in spot in DC’s Barracks Row that puts the best part of fine dining - the yummy, unexpectedly complex tastes in a variety of dishes – into mostly “get it to go,” fast casual service.

    Danny and Scott join us to talk about Chi-Ko’s origins, its inner workings viz a viz a “regular restaurant, growing the concept to take on both coasts and about their newest concept, Anju.


  30. Thumb 1536861815 artwork

    A Third Star Is Born

    The 2019 Michelin Guide drops Monday, September 17th.

    Our guests today for a special edition of Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast were Michael Ellis, International Director of the Michelin Guide

    And Kyley McGeeney of Mission Michelin, who actually dined in all 110 restaurants honored in the 2017 Michelin Guide.

    And … we picked up a delicious scoop: Patrick O’Connell, famed chef/owner of The Inn at Little Washington, who is celebrating his and the Inn’s 40th anniversary this year, has something more to celebrate – The Inn at Little Washington’s third Michelin star! – putting it in VERY prestigious company, among the few restaurants in the US and around the world with that coveted third star, the highest honor bestowed by Michelin on the world’s great restaurants.

    Join us to hear all about it!

  31. Thumb 1535407897 artwork

    Debbie Moser and Mitch Berliner: Central Food Markets & MeatCrafters

    Our guests tonight are husband and wife team Mitch Berliner and Debra Moser, two entrepreneurs with big hearts.

    Mitch is a trailblazing food entrepreneur who introduced the East Coast to Haagen Dazs ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s, Dove Bars and more in the ‘70s. And Mitch and Debra are founders of what now are four, Central Farm Markets located in suburban Maryland and Virginia, outside of Washington, D.C. Debra and Mitch’s mission is to provide a professionally managed community venue, where customers can purchase high quality, locally grown fresh and prepared food, and to support agricultural innovation, green practices and sustainability. Each market supports its local community with activities, events, food donations and programming that help to educate, give back and fight hunger.

    But wait … there’s more. Mitch and Debra also are founders and owners of MeatCrafters, salamis, cured meats and sausages made for charcuterie lovers everywhere. MeatCrafters skinny salamis are especially popular (They’re low card, low calorie and high in taste!) and can be found, along with their other products, at stores like Whole Foods.

    Their story – and the many good deeds they do to help feed the area’s most needy – are a great listen! Join us!

  32. Thumb 1533593162 artwork

    Jamison Farm

    This could be our most delicious show yet! Joining us on Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast are sheep farmers John and Sukey Jamison own Jamison Farm in Latrobe, PA.

    Set in the rolling Appalachian, their farm is home to a pampered flock of sheep and lambs that frolic and nibble in fields of bluegrass, white clover, wild flowers and seasonal grass pastures, while munching on free-choice hay bales throughout the winter months. Why’s that matter? Because their 100% natural diet and free-range lifestyle yield meat that is lean, firm, tender, delicate and pink, free of hormones, antibiotics, herbicides and insecticides. And meat that is prized by some of the most famous chefs in the world, past and present. In fact, John and Sukey reach jump-started their business by meeting the exacting standards of the Watergate Hotel’s legendary, Chef Jean-Louis Palladin, and they’ve been on a roll ever since, working with renowned chefs such as Dan Barber at Blue Hill, William Telepan of Telepan and Annie Quatrano of Baccanahlia in Atlanta.

    A very talented cook herself, Sukey Jamison has created a line of hand-prepared lamb dishes, which include a Lamb Stew created in collaboration with the late, great Jean-Louis Palladin and Sukey's award-winning Lamb Pie.

    Don't be sheepish about joining us for this scintillating hour of conversation with two of America’s eminent sheep farmers.

  33. Thumb 1532385139 artwork

    CORE Architecture + Design

    In today is Allison C. Cooke, architect and principal owner of CORE Architecture + Design. Allison is a design expert with over 17 years of professional experience, and just joined the ranks of the Washington Business Journal 40 Under 40 Honorees. Allison’s behind the outstanding designs of restaurants you know, such as Jose Andres Minibar and Bar-Mini; Amy Brandwein’s Centrolina and Jeff Black’s Pearl Dive Oyster Palace.

    Also in with Allison is Christopher Peli, a CORE Job Captain. While at CORE, Christopher is involved in many diverse project types from hospitality to urban design, renovation and new construction. He is currently pursuing his architectural license.

    Today we’re talking about design trends … DC’s emerging neighborhoods …. CORE’s work at DC’s fabulous new Wharf … what goes into working with developers and creative people – chef/owners and restaurateurs, that is – to understand their wants, needs and visions for new spaces and then to translate all that into seamlessly flowing, innovative interiors that augment and compliment the vision, the menu and more.

  34. Thumb 1531778739 artwork

    Fair Food Access For All

    This week on Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast, we’re going conversation with the top DC top non-profit food organizations engaged in creating fair food access for all.

    Our guests include Lauren Shweder Biel of DC Greens, which uses the levers of food education, food access, and food policy to advance food justice in the nation’s capital;

    Beverley Wheeler of DC Hunger Solutions, which seeks to create a hunger-free community and improve the nutrition, health, economic security and well being of low-income, DC residents, and Philip Sambol of

    Good Food Markets, a mission-driven grocery dedicated to developing retail solutions that work in, and for, food desert communities.

  35. Thumb 1531174767 artwork

    Meatless Monday with Compassion Over Killing

    Can you go meatless? You might just be inspired to, after this show. Our guest on Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast is Erica Meier, Executive Director of Compassion Over Killing (COK), a national animal protection nonprofit headquartered in Washington, DC. Working to expose cruelty to farmed animals and promote vegan eating as a way to build a kinder world for all, COK’s strategic efforts include undercover investigations, legal advocacy, corporate outreach, and public education. Join us for a fascinating and eye-opening hour.

  36. Thumb 1530033366 artwork

    Glenn Family’s Rocklands Farm

    “Ohhhh, the farmer in the dell, the farmer …” Sorry, we got a little carried away with our love of farmers. Like this week’s guests from the Glenn Family’s Rocklands Farm, a working farm and vineyard not more than a 40-minute drive from the White House! From organic wines and eggs, to meats, produce, flowers and more – including stunning event spaces that look like they're right out of the pages of Southern Living -- Rocklands is one, amazing place. Joining us with tastes and talk of Rocklands are Greg and Anna Glenn and Shawn Eubank with the story of how one family’s desire to get back to the land drove amazing, accelerated success at an old farm lying fallow in Poolesville, MD.

  37. Thumb 1529360085 artwork

    Purely for the Health of It with JRINK

    JRINK founder and CEO, Shizu Okusa, is in to talk about her new, experiential pharmacy, the Apothekary, offering herbal solutions to whatever ails people mentally, physically, and emotionally for a full, holistic experience. Headquartered in DC area, JRINK is all-natural health in a bottle – fresh, organic, juiced, plant-based product that tastes good and makes you feel great. By extension, the Apothekary seeks to bridge the gap between traditional and modern medicine, offering herbal solutions to whatever ails you (or us!).

  38. Thumb 1528150601 artwork

    Sous Vide with Cuisine Solutions

    We’ve cooked up something truly delicious for today’s show! Sous vide is the innovative slow-cooking technique that a company called Cuisine Solutions pioneered, perfected and popularized. Distinguished chefs such as Thomas Keller, Daniel Boulud, Mark Miller and the late Charlie Trotter and Michel Richard have relied on Cuisine Solutions’ expertise in developing their own sous-vide recipes. In fact, more than 80% Michelin-starred chefs have received personal sous-vide training at Cuisine Solutions’ Culinary Research and Education Academy (CREA).

    In with us today from Cuisine Solutions to with tastes and talk of sous vide and Cuisine Solutions are Chef Delian DiPietro and Chef Consultant AJ Schaller.

  39. Thumb 1526940430 artwork

    BBQ with Smoke Signals & Sloppy Mama's

    It’s summer (almost) season, and everyone is getting his or her balcony, deck, pool (if you’re lucky enough) and backyard ready for grilling season. That being said (and also because we just bought our new Weber!), we thought it made sense to dedicate a show to that great American pastime: BBQ! Our guests are Jim Shahin is the Smoke Signals barbecue and grilling columnist for the Washington Post and Joe Neuman, owner and pit master of Sloppy Mama’s a (you guessed it!), premier, DC area BBQ spot (food truck, actually).

  40. Thumb 1526935734 artwork

    Culinary Diplomacy

    Today’s show explores the lofty goal of meaningful, cultural/culinary diplomacy and how it can work wonders for our international relationships and … our palates! On May 17th, the 10th Annual, Embassy Chef Challenge was held at the Ronald Reagan Building in downtown Washington. The Challenge encourages culinary diplomacy through the celebration of food, drinks, dance, music and fashion. The event featured more than 30 executive chefs from embassies here in DC who gather to share tastes and talk of their favorites ingredients and recipes in friendly competition; mixologists from each country concocting cocktails, dance and fashion designer presentations and a tremendous amount of good fellowship.

    Our guests today on Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast just prior to the event included a cultural mélange of fascinating participants from Bangladesh, Ghana and the Philippines.

  41. Thumb 1525794491 artwork

    Plum Relish + Catering

    We all like to be catered to, yes? Especially at work and especially at lunch (when the company is paying!), where a catered meal holds promise of an escape from tasteless sub sandwiches, mealy, cold soups or lifeless salads. Rejoice, because now there’s Plum Relish, DC’s new catering service that works with local, chef-driven restaurants (Like which? Like Founding Farmers, Chi-Ko … and more!) to deliver delicious, bento box lunches and family-style platters to offices around the DMV.

    In tonight with Foodie and the Beast are Sarah Van Dell, founder/CEO of Plum Relish, a D.C.-based hospitality-tech startup inspired by Sarah’s years of dreading the "sad desk lunch,” and Kingsley Onyechi, the company's director of partner services and operations. Listen in on a great chat that ranges from entrepreneurship to standing up a new catering model to … huge success and big investors, all the while delivering delicious food to quality-starved office workers.

  42. Thumb 1525126234 artwork

    Legends of Wine with La Caravelle Champagne’s Rita Jammet and Maison Joseph Drouhin’s Laurent Drouhin

    We spent a lot of time trying to decide how to title tonight’s show on Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast. And we ended up where we started.

    Tonight’s show features nothing less than the Legends of Wine: La Caravelle Champagne’s Rita Jammet and Maison Joseph Drouhin’s Laurent Drouhin, the founder’s grandson and Director of Sales for the winemaker’s U.S. and Caribbean Markets. Both are world-class, world-renowned winemakers whose vintages are prized for their subtle boldness, their rich flavors and their award-winning, universal appeal.

    Join us for tastes and talk of some of the world’s finest wines with two of the world’s leading winemakers, only on Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast.

  43. Thumb 1523375249 artwork

    The Vineyard + The Vinegar Geek

    Daniel Liberson, the owner and self-proclaimed, “Vinegar Geek” at Lindera Farms, joins us. A chef by training, Daniel got his start in fine dining in the DC area working at fine dining restaurants like Volt, Blue Duck Tavern and Rose’s Luxury. After taking on the family farm in nearby Virginia, he morphed his chef skills into foraging for organic ingredients and brewing spectacular vinegars for some of the best restaurants in the U.S., including the Michelin-starred restaurants here in Washington.

    Also joining us is renowned winemaker Jean Claude Riefle, the proprietor of the Grand Cru Steinert vineyard, overlooking the village of Pfaffenheim in northeastern France. Six generations have built the family's winemaking tradition since it began in 1850, and Steinert’s wines are prized the world over for their distinctive, refined tastes.

  44. Thumb 1522791079 artwork

    Going Green: Amy Brandwein, Julie Kirkwood & Leonard Watson

    This week, Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast goes green with guests including Centrolina’s celebrity chef Amy Brandwein, a 2017 James Beard Foundation Award finalist for Best Chef: Mid-Atlantic and owner of the 2016 RAMMY for DC’s best, new restaurant; Julie Kirkwood, founder of DC Urban Greens, a nonprofit, urban farm located in DC’s Ward 7 that serves the community with fresh-grown produce; Leonard Watson, an urban farmer working with DC Urban Greens and Urban Greens’ operations manager, Avery Snipes.

    Together, we’re taking a deep dive into how urban food desserts (meaning the closest grocery store is several miles away, and residents’ only nearby shopping options are convenience stores that don’t carry any fresh produce or other, good-for-you-foods) can be transformed into productive, economically successful urban farms, year-round!

  45. Thumb 1522098059 artwork

    Kathy Hollinger, Executive Director of the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington

    This week’s guest on Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast is Kathy Hollinger, Executive Director of the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington.

    RAMW has a lot of “hot button” issues on the table, ranging from the upcoming RAMMY Awards gala in June (RAMW’s version of the Oscars, honoring the local industry’s top restaurants, chefs, staff, vendors and more) all the way to Initiative 77, DC’s highly controversial plan to scrap tipping and raise restaurant workers’ minimum wages. Sounds like a good idea, but … many in the restaurant industry, from owners down to staff, are opposed to it for some very good reasons that make cents. (Yes, we spel

  46. Thumb 1520295966 artwork

    Beer Guru Greg Engert

    Beer Guru joins this week's episode of Industry Night to talk ALL things craft beer. Greg is Managing Partner and Beer Director of Blue Jacket and Beer Director of Neighborhood Restaurant Group. In April 2010, Food & Wine named Engert as one of its Sommeliers of the Year, the first time the publication has ever selected a beer professional for this prize.

  47. Thumb 1520196934 artwork

    Chapel Hill Farm

    It’s among the rarest, most critically endangered – and, most critically acclaimed -- breeds of cattle. Since the 1600s, Randall Linebeck cattle have been famed for their unique flavor. Today, Chapel Hill Farm in Berryville, VA is one of only two farms anywhere in the world where these fabulous animals are nurtured and where the breed is sustained and grown. Celebrated chefs, like Chef José Andrés, call Randall Linebeck, “a delicious way to taste history." Farmer Joe Henderson and his daughter Lulu, proprietors of Chapel Hill Farm, are in with tastes and talk of Randall Linebeck.

  48. Thumb 1519143537 artwork

    Can a Cup of Coffee Reveal the Face of God?

    Today (Monday, February 19, 2018), we’re talking – and drinking – every aspect of coffee with one of the world’s foremost authorities on a cup o’ Joe and its impact on us and the people who grow it for us, food journalist and author Michaele Weissman. In 2008 Michaele published her groundbreaking book, God in a Cup: the Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Coffee, and a lot of other fine work since – always on the subject of coffee. And we’re going to talk about it all … over several cups of Spike Gjerde’s awesome coffee made at Counter Culture Coffee in DC’s Line Hotel.

  49. Thumb 1518478328 artwork

    Honeygrow's Justin Rosenberg and David Katz

    This week on Industry Night, Nycci & David are joined by Justin Rosenberg and David Katz of Honeygrow. Honeygrow is a restaurant concept born in Philly in 2012, offering wholesome, fully customizable stir-frys, salads, honeybars + cold pressed juices.

  50. Thumb 1517872618 artwork

    Glendon Hartley of Service Bar

    Pisco, Brandy & Beyond! This week's guest on Industry Night is Glendon Hartley of Service Bar. Glendon is now the Vice President of the United States Bartenders Guild chapter of DC and is heading up new projects as the Creative Director of the Menehune Group Consulting company to elevate the nation's capital as one of the country's best places to eat and Drink.

  51. Thumb 1517273700 artwork

    Fermenting with Hex Ferments & Lane Harlan

    This week on Industry Night, Nycci & David explore fermentation with special guests SHane & Meaghan Carpenter of Hex Ferments and Lane Harlan, owner of WC Harlan and Clavel Mezcaleria in Baltimore.

  52. Thumb 1516663291 artwork
  53. Thumb 1516058048 artwork

    Sexual Harassment in the Restaurant Industry: Where Are We Now?

    Nycci & David Nellis host an in depth conversation on sexual harassment in the restaurant industry with an esteemed panel of guests including Chef and Restaurateur, Ruth Gresser (Pizzeria Paradiso); Catherine Miller, founding Executive Director of the Chefs’ Action Network and Senior Director of Policy and Advocacy at the James Beard Foundation, and Drew McCormick, Executive Beer director for Pizzaria Paradiso.

  54. Thumb 1515453551 artwork

    World Central Kitchen & Chris Houk

    On the inaugural episode of Foodie & The Beast’s “Industry Night”, hosts Nycci and David Nellis are joined by Brian McNair from World Central Kitchen and Chris Houck of Moet ChandaOn the inaugural episode of Industry Night with Foodie and the Beast, hosts Nycci and David Nellis sit down with Brian McNair, Executive Director of Jose Andres’ World Central Kitchen to chat about how he, Jose and the WCK team coalesced to develop the process and program empowering people to become part of a broader solution for health, education, jobs, social enterprise and …. disaster relief. Along with its broader portfolio of programs, WCK has stepped into the gap in huge emergencies created by the recent natural disasters in Houston, Puerto Rico and California to prepare and feed nutritious meals every day to hundreds of thousands of people. And, it wouldn’t be a F&TB show without somebody pouring something. Fortunately, Chris Houk and Jeffrey Barrientos, brought in a selection of bubbles (and their knowledge) from their portfolio at Moet Hennessy.on.

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